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18 August 2010 @ 01:44 pm

Fire With Fire

Summary: Reno ticks Tseng off. Zack ticks Sephiroth off. Sephiroth decides to fight fire with fire. Rating for m/m relationship, fluffy fun, and cursing.

Dedicated to: Brian for the inspiration to write Zack/Reno in the first place, and Cerebra Leader Aoki for leaving such an awesome first review for Mako Tears. Thanks so much, both of you!


In which Tseng loses a lot of money to Sephiroth...Collapse )


18 August 2010 @ 01:30 pm

Warnings:  Reno/Rude fluff, Reno's colorful language

Disclaimer: I own nothing but my computer and plot bunnies. Feed the bunnies: Review!

When scars aren't enough...Collapse )
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08 July 2010 @ 11:14 am
This one goes out to Garden-of-Glass from the Pit of Voles (Fanfiction dot net), who inspired me to write about Reno's ability to blow things up.

Warning: hints of M/M relationship between Reno and Zack – nothing graphic. Oh yeah, and Reno kisses Rude’s cheek. If something so little squicks you out, then turn around now before you get squicked.

Disclaimer: I own nothing. And this time, I don't even own the plot bunny! This one's Garden-of-Glass's plotbunny.

However, reviews are still very, very, very welcome! This fic has been posted on LiveJournal, and Fanfiction dot net. If you found it anywhere else, it's likely been stolen.

On with the story:

The Story...Collapse )
AN - just a short little blurb about Reno and his explosive-centered attitude. Garden-of-Glass made a comment in a review of Fire With Fire that Reno could blow things up using anything - including a sandwich. I couldn't help but write this after that comment. While it isn't using the whole sammich, I thought this would be a good tribute to that comment. ^_^

As always, I'd like to dedicate this not just to Garden-of-Glass, but to Brian as well, for inspiring me to really WRITE Reno to begin with. Another dedication – if she reads it – to mah Heatherbear for the phrase “Exactly____. Exactly.” I thought it was rather Reno-esque.

And most of all – thanks to every single person who has ever reviewed one of my stories. ^_^ I love you guys!
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